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Sony WIC310 Review

If you’re in the market for an average pair of multi-purpose in-ear headphones, the Sony WI-C310 is the product for you. The around-the-neck design is comfortable and lightweight, and it keeps the headphones tidy, allowing you to listen freely. You can use the in-line remote control to play or pause music, as well as make or break a phone call. And they will be stable enough to run. Physically, it does not appear to be something that can withstand all types of weather or physical adversity. The Headphones produce high-quality audio. The sound quality is excellent whether you listen to rock, jazz, pop, or classical music. The bud cables are incredibly long, resulting in large loops when wearing the headphones, which may be uncomfortable. The battery is one of the standout features. With up to 15 hours of playback when fully charged, you can listen to your favourite playlists and podcasts all day and isolate well against work environment noises. Still, it is not the best choice for places with high sound frequencies, such as stadiums or public transportation.


The Bluetooth allows you to connect wirelessly.

Bye-bye to tangled cables and dangling plugs. It allows you to connect your device wirelessly and listen to music without interruption. To get the most out of these Bluetooth headsets with homonymous connectivity in version 5.0, make sure the device to be paired is no more than 10 meters away before beginning the pairing procedure.

Multi-pairing is supported, and up to 8 devices can be paired.

After pairing with a device you frequently use, you can easily connect to Bluetooth for the second time.

It also allows you to activate smartphone voice assistant functions such as Siri and the Google assistant.

It is also possible to use the headphones with voice command  to make a phone call, listen to music, and do some research, such as weather forecasts, without having to remove the smartphone.

* Depending on the smartphone’s specifications and the application version, voice command or assistant may not be supported.

Reduce background noise to achieve clear calls.

You can deliver a clear voice even in a noisy environment by using noise suppression, which suppresses ambient noise and collects sound during a call.

Sound quality

It has a neodymium magnet with a high magnetic force that reproduces clear mid-high range, heavy and powerful low range.

Furthermore, it supports AAC with high sound quality even when listening wirelessly.

When it comes to neutral listening, it is generally Decent. While the speakers have a decent audio profile, as a neutral listener, the WI-C310 in-ear fit may not be ideal. Despite the fact that their bass is quite powerful and a little boomy, vocals and lead instruments can feel a little pushed to the back of the mix. Their treble is good, but a little uneven in the upper frequencies.

Types of music genre the headphones sound best with

The speaker is equipped with 9mm speakers. The SONY WIC310 headphones deliver high-quality sound. Whether you’re listening to rock, jazz, pop, or classical music, the bass is deep, and the sound crisp is good, so you can enjoy your music to the fullest.


Each earpiece of the Sony WI-C310 earphones is composed of a polymer shell, which ensures good support for the earphones in the ear. In practice, the Sony WI-C310 headphones’ earpads include a magnetic mechanism that prevents the Bluetooth module wire from being tangled when not in use. The Sony WI-C310 headphones come with three sets of earpieces in various sizes (S, M, and L) to provide maximum comfort and ideal fit for all body types. The silicone tips of the Sony WI-C310 headphones also provide outstanding passive noise isolation. With Sony WI-C310 headphones, immersive listening is possible even in noisy situations such as public transportation or a busy street. This isolation allows you to fully enjoy the musical performances provided by the dynamic 9 mm transducers powered by strong neodymium magnets.

Hands-free calling with a single touch

Are you planning to call a buddy using a smartphone that is connected to the internet? You can begin speaking by pressing the multi-function button. Is it finally time to say good-bye? To stop the call, simply hit it again..


Each capsule weighs 19 g and is linked to the other by a flexible flat cable, which when worn, passes behind the neck without causing discomfort and will instead remain firmly in place due to the presence of the remote control in line on the left side and a second unit on the right to counterbalance it.

Despite its tiny size, the neodymium drivers with a diameter of 9 mm and a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 Hz provide exceptional sound performance. With such a broad range, you will be able to capture every element of the recorded music.

The original Sony WI-C310 package includes a 20-cm charging cable with USB and USB-C ends, the first of which is placed into the computer’s appropriate port and the second into the device. There are also three sets of hybrid silicone rubber inserts available in sizes S, M, and L to accommodate the characteristics of all users.


The Sony WI-C310 around-the-neck design is comfy, lightweight, and keeps the headphones tidy, allowing you to listen freely. The wires are flat and quite lengthy, resulting in a large loop when placed in your ears. They feature a rubberized cover, small buds, and don’t protrude much from your ears. They are available in a variety of colours, including white, black, blue, and gold.

Let us now discuss the in-line remote control.

All of the controls are centered on an in-line remote control, a tiny unit put on the cable connecting the two capsules near the one on the left. There are three keys with the symbols +, -, and a more noticeable dash on it, all in relief to instantly perceive the proper instruction to the touch without having to look at it or maybe taking the device off.

Selecting + once increases the volume output from the Bluetooth headphones, while selecting – once decreases it. If the same buttons are held for 1.5 seconds, it will navigate to the next and previous track in a music playlist, respectively. Instead, to play or pause, press the center button once, which also lets you answer or finish a phone conversation.

When you look closely at this controller, you’ll see a little hole that represents a small microphone that has been intentionally placed to be as close to the lips as possible. In addition to capturing our speech during incoming and outgoing conversations, it also allows Sony WI-C310 to communicate with the voice assistant of your smartphone, provided that the latter has already been linked.


The Sony WI-C310 headphones do not appear to be very durable. The two modules look to be composed of thin plastic, and they appear to be extremely delicate. While the wires are rubberized and flat, they look to be flimsy and readily pulled from the bud housing or modules. The magnetic buds, on the other hand, help with cable management while dangling around your neck.

Powerful fast charging

When the battery runs out, a 10-minutes charge allows you to play for another 60 minutes. Even if you’re short of time, you’ll soon be able to appreciate music again. If you have extra time, you may charge the battery completely in about three hours.


15 hours of battery life

With up to 15 hours of playback when fully charged, you can listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts all day.

Pros and cons


  • The battery life can last up to 15 hours.
  • Quick charge in 10 minutes for 60 minutes of playback.
  • Connection with Multiple Points.
  • Alexa and other virtual assistants.
  • Hands-Free Dialing.
  • Buds with Magnets.
  • Cancellation of Passive Noise.


  • There is no vibration neckband.
  • There is no ambient awareness and no talk-through.
  • Sweat-free and water-resistant are not available.
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