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Sony WI-C400 Review

Some people rarely consider the brand and model when purchasing a headset, though it makes a valuable difference in the sound quality you get. This Sony WI-C400 Review will help you learn whether or not these headphones are suitable for you. For one, coming from a world-famous brand of headphones, these are some of the average best in-ear wireless headphones.

Balancing comfort and convenience with ease-of-use and long battery life, you will get a perfect blend to stay tuned to some of your favorite music. However, at different treble ranges, these headphones might feel sharp. The bass quality isn’t above average, but the sound leak performance is invaluable even at high volumes. Although you cannot listen to video content or any audio while charging, a full charge can yield audio playback of nearly 20 hours at max.

Sony WI-C400 – A Quick Overview

Weight~35g or 1.23 Oz
StyleClosed Dynamic (Behind the Neck)
Manual Volume ControlYes
Battery Life20 Hours (Maximum)
Charge Time~4.5 Hours
Magnet TypeNeodymium
Frequency8 Hz -22,000 Hz
Drive Unit Type9mm
BluetoothOne-tap Bluetooth Connectivity
Cable Management FeatureStopper and Adjuster
Device SyncVibration for incoming calls, messages, and notification
Color Range4 Colors (Pink, White, Blue, and Black)

Distinctive Qualities and Features of Sony WI-C400 Headphones

The search for the right headphones begins by keeping specific qualities in mind. If you are unaware or seem to be unfamiliar with the terms, here’s a comprehensive look at the qualities of the Sony WI-C400 to help you make a purchase.

Sound Quality

This is an average audio-quality in-ear headset not suitable for critical listeners or hardcore audiophiles. If you are looking for something specific in terms of sound quality, there are better options at Sony.

Bass (Best Type of Music)

Although the bass is consistent in this headset, it might sound resonant and loud. Therefore, these in-ear headphones just don’t cut it for EDM, DnB, and Hip-Hop lovers. Its high bass is somewhat exceptional, but it lacks mid-bass, especially when it comes to bass guitars and kick drums. In short, these headphones give a loud enough sound but lack optimal bass.


When listening to the low-mid range, you will notice instrumental sounds bounce back or the reproduction of distorted vocals. Despite that, the mid-range is quite good but not suitable if you listen to violin, clarinet, or trumpet. Furthermore, it might sound more honky if you listen to high-mid, which is full of bumps.


These headphones offer an average treble because, at nearly all ranges, it stays even. You may notice slight over-amplification of low-treble and mid-treble now and then.

Soundstage and Sound Leak Performance

You will lack an open soundstage since they are in-ear headphones without an open-back. On the other hand, the sound leakage performance is relatively smoother and quite efficient. The only sound leakage you’ll have to face relates to the treble range, and that too might not resonate for more than 1 foot away.

Calls with isolated surroundings work quite well, but you will lose quality if you receive incoming calls in extremely noisy places. These headphones can pick up ambient noises, making the surroundings seem louder than the person on the call.

Design (Comfort and Portability)

The general opinion over the design quality is that it’s fairly decent. These in-ear headphones are neither outstanding nor poor in design. You can easily twist and bend the headset, but don’t exert excessive pressure because that can result in breakage.

It’s an open and behind-the-neck design with two separate thick casting at each end of the curve. A major opinion of customers is that the earbuds and audio cables are the only low-quality features in the design.

You can either keep them in the bag or hang them around your neck because the size doesn’t allow pocket storage. It’s quite lightweight, which means that it won’t be a burden on your neck. Meanwhile, the buttons are quite easy to use. You can play, pause, and connect calls easily. It will take you only a day to get used to the buttons.

When it comes to breathability, your outer ear won’t sweat because of the in-ear property. However, you may feel slight heat in your inner ear canal, but that is also negligible. This makes the headset highly suitable for outdoor environments since they are stable, lightweight, and trap negligible heat.


The flexibility doesn’t stay for long. If you exert slightly more pressure than required, the band will break off. Therefore, these headphones don’t perform well under physical pressure. Furthermore, when it comes to audio cables and earbuds, they are quite fragile and don’t perform well under physical stress either.


The battery life is impressive overall because it takes nearly 3 to 4 and a half hours to fully charge and can sometimes play continuously for 16 hours. On average, you can use a full charge for a maximum of 20 hours, but this is often limited to when the headphones are in mint condition.

The battery life is one of the best-selling features of these headphones. But these headphones lack the “audio while charging feature” so are not suitable for those who require quick full charges. Still, a 15-minute charge can yield about an hour of playback time.

A Brief Revision – Pros and Cons of Sony WI–C400


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient Manual Controls
  • Long Battery Life (Nearly 20 hours and 16 hours on average)
  • Sleek Design
  • Stable


  • Distorted Sound Quality
  • Mid-Range Issues
  • Treble Range Leaks
  • Bass-Loss
  • Not Suitable for Hip-Hope, DnB, and EDM
  • Not for Critical Listeners or Music Enthusiasts


It all comes down to your needs and requirements. Whether you are a music enthusiast always on the go or a critical listener at the workplace, narrow down what you need before making a purchase. Overall, Sony WI-C400 isn’t as good as other top Sony headphone models, but for a low price, they are a good sell. Offering medium durability, prolonged battery usage, comfort, and stability, Sony WI-C400 can still be the right choice if those are the qualities you are looking for. Check out other similar in-ear headsets by Sony to make the right purchase.

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