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Sony MDR-Z1R Review

Sony is renowned for producing excellent electronic products and has done so for close to a century. The Sony MDR-Z1R is another great product in a line of quality products, and Sony has gone all out in this product. Coming in at $1700, not everyone might be able to afford these state-of-the-art headphones, but it is an investment that is worth it, especially if you are a gadget freak.


Weight: 385 g (0.85 lbs approx)

Clamping Force: N/A

Dimensions: 13.4 Inches (34 cm) x 12.5 inches (31.8 cm) x 6.85 Inches (17.4 cm)

Volume: N/A

Headphone Type: Dynamic (circumaural), Closed 

Driver Unit: 70mm

Volume Control: N/A

Wearing Pattern: Circumaural

Battery Life: 4 hours approximately

Charge Time: N/A

Charging Method: USB

Bluetooth: Version 5.0

Supported Audio Formats: AAC, SBC

Color Variants: N/A

USB Cable Type: Type-B 

Average Temperature: N/A


The most important thing people look for when buying headphones is sound quality. If you are going to commit more than $1,500 for a headset, it will need to have excellent sound quality. The Sony MDR-Z1R doesn’t disappoint, producing excellent sound quality.


In terms of bass, the headphones adapt based on the output sound. Lower frequencies aren’t spectacular on the Sony MDR-Z1R. Higher frequencies, however, are excellent and best suited to these headphones. Thanks to the design (closed-back) of the headphones, they are great at tuning out background noise. The Sony MDR-Z1R is excellent for listening to music or watching a movie without any external interference.


The mid-range is the one place that the Sony MDR-Z1R probably needs a little work. While it is a great headphone, not every frequency is excellent on this headphone, and the mid-range falls into this category. It isn’t terrible per se, but you don’t get to enjoy mid-range frequencies as high-end or low-end. You are, however, sure to get excellent vocals on these headphones.


The treble of the Sony MDR-Z1R is excellent as it perfectly highlights musical notes, especially high ones. The instrumentals in a song are always highlighted and can even overshadow the vocals in some cases. There is a great treble balance in this product regardless of the kind of songs you are listening to.

Overall, the Sony MDR-Z1R is a great product with high-quality sound.

Types of music the headphones sound best with

Of course, you get to choose what kind of music you will love to listen to. However, after a couple of tests with different types of music, the results showed that electronic music/ pop is the best musical type suited to these headphones. The test featured a wide range of songs and even included music from the OST of the movie Interstellar. Black-eyed peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” was flawless, highlighting the impressiveness of the Sony MDR-Z1R with electronic/pop music.

The common problems people experience when listening to electronic and pop songs usually occur at higher volumes. With the Sony MDR-Z1R, electronic and pop songs are clear regardless of the volume, avoiding the most obvious problem, vocal stress. You can drown out background noise and still enjoy all elements of a song.

Activities the headphones are best for

Listening to music is great on these headphones is great but that isn’t all you can do with it.

  • Score a track: Thanks to its tonal balance and powerful base, you can score a song perfectly using the Sony MDR-Z1R.
  • Watch a movie: Movies like ‘the lord of the rings’ feature great soundtracks that require nothing short of perfection. The Sony MDR-Z1R is the ideal companion to enjoy such movies and feel that tingling sensation.  
  • Recording a song: As a musician, you will need perfection when writing music or composing. The Sony MDR-Z1R provides comfort and quality music, allowing you to work for a long time.
  • Recreational music use: The most common use of headphones is to listen to music and tune out the noise. The Sony MDR-Z1R is excellent in both regards, allowing you to enjoy your music in comfort for long periods.


In terms of design, Sony has outdone itself and delivered a masterpiece. The closed-back design helps to optimize sound quality while canceling out background noise. There is a quality Neodymium magnet in the headphone, which makes them highly sensitive and increases output.

The ear cups are coated with a steel mesh, giving them a unique look. When added with the hand-stitched leather coating over the ear cups and headband, this headphone is truly spectacular.  


Comfort is one of those understated qualities of headphones that makes a big difference. While the headphone is big, it isn’t heavy and won’t leave your head feeling sore after a few uses. The headphones sit comfortably over your head thanks to beta-titanium headbands, padded for your protection.

The leather material coating on both the earpads and headband makes the headphones soft to the touch. The design is optimized for ear care, leaving little or no bruising on your ears. After prolonged listening sessions, however, your ears may feel a bit warm.

This headphone comes with two audio cables: The 4.4mm (regular cable) and a longer 6.3mm jack cable. You can connect it to your phone or your guitar without having to curl up or inconvenience yourself.


Weighing less than 400 g, the Sony MDR-Z1R is a lightweight headphone that you can carry easily. Whether you are off to a studio session or the classroom, the Sony MDR-Z1R is the perfect companion. You can pack up the headset and cables in a bag or a box it came in with ease.


The Sony MDR-Z1R is built to last for quite a while and even includes a one-year warranty from the makers. The materials used in making it are optimized to resist wear and tear. Provided there aren’t any external factors; your Sony MDR-Z1R will still look as good as new after months of use.

Battery life

The standard battery life of the Sony MDR-Z1R is 3 hours on a full charge. This makes it ideal for watching a long movie or listening to an entire album before you have to recharge again. Whether you are going camping or taking a short road trip, the Sony MDR-Z1R is the ideal companion.


  • Designed and optimized for comfort
  • Quality build
  • High detail resolution
  • Balanced tone
  • Solid bass


  • It may be too expensive for some people
  • It requires quality electronics


There aren’t too many headphones in the market more powerful than the Sony MDR-Z1R. While it may be on the expensive side, Sony makes up for it by delivering high-quality headphones. If you are in the market for a headphone with a closed-back design, look no further than these headphones. On the plus side, this product is perfect for those who already have Sony electronics. For those who simply want a great headphone, it works as a stylish headphone with excellent sound quality.

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