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Sony MDR-7506 Review

Sometimes there are items that simply live in the “must-have” category of life and I have to say that the Sony MDR-7506 is one of those items that you might regret not having. If you are a person who loves to travel, like me, then there might be occasions where you just want to enjoy your surroundings without the added distracting noises from your surroundings. Active noise-canceling headphones can be lifesavers in these kinds of situations.

Although sometimes what people look for nowadays is the durability of the item especially when you need to use items like headphones when you’re running or performing sports that give you much-needed mental peace from the hustle-bustle of life. Plus if you’re working in video production good sound quality is what you crave. In all these scenarios Sony MDR-7506 are what you need on hand 24/7.

Features of Sony MDR-7506


  • Overall Design- The Sony MDR-7506 have a straightforward design you can call it the over-ear design
  • A Bit Bland for some- This style might feel a bit bland but it is the one that will work the most.
  • All-black color scheme- Highlighted with a few Sony branding logos.
  • Ear cups style- The ear cups are large and oval
  • Headband style- The wide headband is lightly padded and covered in a material that is very similar to faux leather.
  • A bit common design- They look a bit cheap and won’t stand out in a crowd
  • Minimal design and look- studio aesthetic and simple style will please some listeners.


  • Extremely comfortable- There’s no doubt about it, these headphones are extremely comfortable.
  • Comfort while wearing- The Sony MDR-7506 headphones are designed to be worn for extended periods.
  • Weight of headphones- To a large extent, this is helped by the fact that they weigh just 0.46 lbs.
  • Headband comfort- The Sony MDR-7506 headphones have a good-sized headband. They are a good fit designed for most head sizes. They have a clamping force of 0.85 lbs.
  • Pressure on ears- One thing about these headphones is that they don’t feel too tight and don’t put too much pressure on your ears or head.


All around Breathability-The Sony MDR-7506 are decently breathable headphones.

Ear temperature while wearing- These headphones will still make your ears fairly warm during long listening sessions.

Design can contribute to slight heating- They have a closed-back over-ear design. The average temperature difference between the ear and surroundings can be 41.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Slight airflow prevention- This design prevents airflow but these headphones are perfect for more casual listening.

Pros of Sony MDR-7506

  • Great Pedigree- These headphones have been around since the year 1991 is still providing great value at a reasonable price range.
  • Comfort Level- Comfortable even during long sessions these headphones provide neutral and warm tuning. As for usage, they are very easy to drive
  • Sound Quality- Great sound and perfect details. Musical genres like Future-Funk can have a very solid presentation played through MDR-7506 . These are ambient-type music. Future Funk has intensive filtering designed to give a slightly aloof sound, but the MDR-7506 manages to give a relaxing, laid-back demeanor to atmospheric music.
  • Portability- They are easy to carry folded in a sony bag which comes with the headphones. The MDR-7506 has great folding cups that can lend them to portability, as well as add a considerable extra level of durability. Perfect for a commuter with limited bag space, like a student, etc.
  • Noise Cancelling Quality- Good passive noise-canceling there are rarely better studio headphones on the market in (2021)
  • Extra Benefits- They also integrated with great parts-support by Sony.
  • Recording Quality- It does just as well in the recording studio or on stage.

Cons of Sony MDR-7506

  • These headphones are mostly perfect for portable devices.
  • MDR-7506 headphones have 60 ohms, but the drivers have a high sensitivity.
  • These headphones are therefore perfect for weak digital audio players or smartphones.
  • The MDR-7506 has a neutral but warm sound. The highs are very detailed and crystal clear. These headphones are a perfect fit for everyday use.
  • Only a limited amount of sound is drunk outside during use.
  • The headphones are robust and very durable and long-lasting.
  • They fit on the head perfectly nice and comfortable.
  • The headphone is lightweight and easy to carry in the bag it comes with.

Come to think of it while using these headphones there were infinite pros and very few cons that I could list down.

Sony MDR-7506 for Consumer Use

Musical Enjoyment

I would have to give them an 8/10 – The detail and control are there, but the sonic profile, neutrality, and attitude are slightly off.

Sony MDR-7506 for Professional Use

Mixing/Musical Creation

That would be a solid 7/10 – Strong detail earns it points, but I can imagine mixing anything on these headphones, your top end, mids, and bass would almost always be perfect.

Sony MDR-7506 for Professional Use

Live Sound

A perfect 9/10 for professional use – Ticks all the boxes comfort, isolation, headphone strength, and clarity are all fantastic. Have to be honest with you, better headphones can’t be found in such a perfect price range.

Overall Conclusion to Get or Not to Get

The price, comfort, and durable design all make the MDR-7506 great for people recording live or anyone editing in a music studio. The price of these headphones is:

  • $97.01- On Walmart
  • $89.99- On Amazon
  • $64.92- On eBay

MDR-7506 headphones have a plastic build with over-ear headphones meant for use while producing music. You can hear the difference when editing a podcast with a pair of crummy in-ear headphones and editing with MDR-7506. Every little flaw becomes apparent immediately. For anyone who needs to finish a perfect soundtrack and doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of reference headphones these headphones are greatly recommended.

Are you ready to test out these headphones for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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