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Sony LinkBuds Review

There are very few things more satisfying than listening to your favorite songs and podcasts in the highest possible quality. Music is more than the melody and the words. It is the overall experience. According to science, the brain interprets the vibration of the sound and lets you experience what you hear fully. The bass and instruments, as well as the voice of the musicians whispering in your ears are sure to give you Goosebumps.

Getting the perfect earbuds is important because each consumer has a specific taste. This is where the new Sony Linkbuds come into play. Some of its specific highlights include; adaptive control, crystal clear conversations with high-quality sound, audio control, extremely small and light length for easy carriage.

The physical appearance goes a mile further to emphasize and confirm its portability, but other than its handy size, what other benefits does the Linkbud have? Is the automatic volume adjustment an unnecessary feature? Is the battery life convenient for long-term use? Is the chat to speech option inconvenient? All of these questions will be answered in this review.

Let’s start with looking at some of the product specifications

Sony Linkbuds Specifications

Model number-WFL900/W

Battery life-2-5 hours

Bluetooth effective range- 32.81ft

Frequency range-2.4GHz band

Charging case dimension; 1.63*1.91*1.22″

Buds weigh-4.1g*2

Charging case weight- 34g

Adaptive control


360 reality audio

Quick access (Spotify)

According to Sony, The Sony linkbuds WFL900 are designed to give you a high quality, flexible and comfortable experience. Does it deliver these, or does it fall short of expectations? Let’s review these specifications using the following parameters:

Target audience

This product is indicated for a wide range of audiences/ users. According to Sony, they are designed to connect the online and offline world, and as such, it is especially well suited for people who want to enjoy music but also want to be aware of their immediate surroundings. It does, however, doesn’t have a noise cancellation feature. This product is made for professionals in the office, people around children, and others who like to be aware of their surroundings.


The buds have a characteristic doughnut shape and ring design. They are designed to allow ambient noise in and awareness of the environment. They are incredibly light, with each bud weighing around 4g. it has a flexible attachment link that comes in 5 sizes. Everyone can find a size that fits properly. It has an inconspicuous appearance, and it’s designed to be worn long-term without worrying about removing it.


No one wants to wear buds that will strain their ear. Size and portability are very crucial to the acceptability of the product. The weight of the individual pod is about 4g, and together with the case, it weighs 34g. The doughnut-shaped design is such that it fits perfectly in the ear. To avoid the earpiece from falling off, the buds come with an attachment accessory in 5 sizes so everyone can get a secure fit. The case is also very posh and portable, and it can be slipped into a pocket or bag and retrieved easily.

Battery life

The Linkbuds have a battery life of 5.5 hours which is not particularly perfect, but this constraint is minimized with the extra power the case carries. The case gives an extra boost and increases the usage time to about 11 hours. It also has a fast-charging time giving 90 minutes of playtime with 10 minutes of charging.


The Linkbuds have the Bluetooth 5.2 specification, but unfortunately, the buds do not support multiple devices pairing at once. Only a single device can be connected at once. The buds also have 12mm drivers, and the buds are ipx4 splash-proof. This means they are waterproof and can be used on a rainy day without worries.

Also, the Linkbuds have ear detector sensors, so the music automatically pauses when removed and plays back when worn again.

The buds also have a wide area tap effect. This is a very exciting specification, and users will be astonished by this technology. The song plays when you tap on your skin near the ear. Two taps to pause, two taps to play, and three taps to advance to the next song. Custom settings are also available.

A very interesting feature is the “speak to chat” feature. The speak to chat feature works by pausing your music when you speak and playing 15 seconds after you stop speaking. This feature might seem convenient, but it is also tiring for people that talk to themselves or simply do not want their music to stop.

Sound quality

The Linkbuds are suited for ambiance and environmental use, which is perfect for the work environment, but they do not deliver as well on the sound quality. The bass is a tad lower, and the buds have a DSSE sound-enhancing feature, but in a noisy environment, they let in too much sound, and the music is somewhat unenjoyable.

This, however, does not happen during phone calls and meetings. Users have reported that their voice is heard loud and clear with no lagging or disturbance.

In conclusion

 To sum it all up, the Sony linkbuds are designed to connect the offline and online activities of the user. It is portable and pocket friendly. It is designed to be adaptable to the changes in the environment. The design is superb and has been designed to meet the customer’s needs. Get the Sony linkbuds and connect your online and offline presence with ease.

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