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Best Sony Wired Earbuds

Keep this in mind – If you desire high-end sound paired with compactness, Sony wired earbuds are your best bet. Sony makes some of the most budget-friendly wired earbuds currently dominating the audio device market. Wired earbuds are also sometimes referred to as In-ear monitors(IEM) and are used by both performing artists to enable them to hear themselves or for everyday music consumption.

Sony wired earbuds also offer users exceptional audio fidelity, as long as they are comfortable with wires. To step up the perceived flaw in “wired” headphone models, they also have some of the most durable cords. Check out our top 5 picks.

Sony IER-Z1R

With the Sony IER-Z1R, the full potential of High-Res audio is unleashed, taking your listening experience to a whole new level. The earbud features a new HD hybrid driver system and offers a user a balanced connection. The sound signature syncs as it moves across drivers is one thing that truly sets this masterpiece apart from other earbuds.

The newly integrated Balanced Armature is reinforced with a magnesium diaphragm, gold-plated terminals, and copper voice coil-coated silver. In its strategic position on the earbud’s design, the super tweeter renders precise super-high notes to a listener at a frequency response up to 100kHz.

The Sony IER-Z1R has a 4.4mm connection cable that partitions left and right signals entirely. As a result, sound deterioration is minimized so well, making this pair of earbuds one of the best. In addition to their excellent design and functionality, they arrive on the market with Triple Comfort earbuds, hybrid earbuds, and a sturdy carrying case.


  • Comes with a 4.4mm balanced connection cable
  • Uses an HD hybrid driver system
  • Comes with a cable holder, cable clip, and cleaning cloth
  • Weighs 2.56 pounds


  • Sturdy and durable cable
  • Excellent audio output
  • Punchy and well-controlled bass
  • Quality mids and soundstage


  • Fitment causes discomfort
  • Expensive

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Sony IER-M9

The Sony IER-M9 comes with a 5x Balanced Armature Driver unit. Their lightweight is consolidated by their durable magnesium alloy, which makes up the outer housing. They’re also designed with a preformed ear hanger, enabling perfect fit and comfort for various ear types. The IER-M9 features a natural silk thread to insulate the earbud cable, preventing bumping noises commonly experienced when touching headphone cables.

Like most other IER models, it has a 4.4mm standard balanced connection and an optimized sound path for excellent audio output. With the magnesium alloy diaphragm featured in its design, every fine detail in the music playing through it is reproduced.

These earbuds come in 13 variations – 6 triple comforts and seven hybrid silicone. Finding your right fit would not be a problem. They are also very comfortable to wear for a long time, as they are made of hard silicone rubber and specially designed silicone.


  • Lightweight (1 pound)
  • It comes with varieties of earbud fits
  • Wired connectivity
  • Designed with performed gear hangers


  • Excellent technical capabilities
  • Great noise-isolation
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable for prolonged use


  • Subpar performance for soundstage

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Sony IER-M7

While most other in-ear monitors use long and narrow tubes in their sound path, Sony IER-M7 BA drivers use a short and wide sound path. This minimizes frequency peaks and dips, producing an optimal frequency response. For the production of crystal clear musical notes, the T- shaped balanced armature drives the diaphragm directly, forcing it to through a more linear motion.

It is also designed with preformed ear hangers to provide ease and fitment stability to the user. This design pattern ensures each earbud stays firm and in the correct position. Like the M9, the Sony IER-M7 comes with 13 earbud variations, consisting of six triple comforts and seven hybrid silicone. There is always a snug fit for all ear types.

The BA unit of this IEM is also firmly held in high-rigidity housing. This way, vibration is eliminated, offering a listener a clean sound. The M7 also comes with an audio-grade film capacitor that effectively reduces audio distortion when music is playing through the earbuds.


  • Lightweight(1 pound)
  • Wired connectivity
  • Transmission cables are silver-coated
  • Features an L-shaped balanced standard plug


  • Flawless build
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent tuning
  • Highly comfortable for prolonged use


  • A bit pricey

Purchase Sony IER-M7

 Sony MDR-EX110AP

The Sony MDR-EX110AP is a swift upgrade in sound quality, featuring a high-performing integrated mic. It has a smartphone playback control that allows you to control the device’s functions using your smartphone. Their 9mm drivers are notable for enhanced efficiency, and they offer a comprehensive frequency response with punchy bass.

The device comes with hybrid silicone earbuds that ensure a perfect fit for the user’s ear. The earpiece type is Earbud earpiece material. It also features a remote control used with a multifunction button SmartKey app.

Notable for its powerful sound, this feature is attributed to the high-energy neodymium magnets the earbuds are made of. It uses a Y-cord with a slider which effectively prevents tangling of the cord.


  • Wired connectivity
  • Y-type cord
  • Made of high-energy neodymium magnets
  • Weighs 0.106 ounces


  • Great fitting
  • Affordable
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent audio clarity


  • Not very durable

Purchase Sony MDR-EX110AP

Sony MDR-AS210

The Sony MDR-AS210 is the ideal headphone for body movement activities. Be it a dance lesson or workout session; you can never go wrong with this pair of earbuds. They have adjustable loop hangers that securely clip to your ears even while moving. The clarity the MDR-AS210 offers a listener is also second to none. With a 17-22,000Hz frequency range and a 104 dB/mW sensitivity, the sound is crystal clear.

The cord with the earbuds is also very long, permitting free movement. It is also splashproof; hence, drizzles wouldn’t interfere with your training. Their lightweight is another thing that gives them a functionality edge. This makes them very convenient, especially for those with an active lifestyle. They come with 13.5mm drivers that render premium sound performance.


  • Lightweight(0.1 ounce)
  • Water-resistant
  • Cable is serrated and tangle-free
  • 3.9 ft cord length


  • Ideal for an active lifestyle
  • Cord length permits unrestrained movement
  • Detailed high-quality sound production
  • Excellent fitment


  • Subpar bass

Purchase Sony MDR-AS210

Round up the Top 5 Best Sony wired earbuds

1Sony IER-Z1RBuy
2Sony IER-M9Buy
3Sony ER-M7Buy
4Sony MDR-EX110APBuy
5Sony MDR-AS21PBuy
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