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Best Sony Sports Headphones

Sony is a versatile brand, known for making a wide range of headphones with decent price tags. The sports headphones of Sony are feature-packed with excellent build and long-lasting battery life. Depending on the headphone connectivity type you’re going for, there are high-end performance models available for everyone from Sony.

Therefore, we have researched all models available for athletes or sports enthusiasts. We categorized them based on their features and general customer feedback on each product. Keep reading to find out what headphone is most suitable for your sports lifestyle.

Sony WF-1000XM4

The WF-1000XM4  is one of the popular wireless earbuds currently making waves in the market. They have an effective noise-canceling feature, as they are integrated with a V1 processor that raises the audio quality higher than what’s obtainable for many other models. The headphone features one of the most reliable hands-free calling experiences you can get from Sony, as it comes with a microphone and a bone-conduction sensor.

This earbud has a reliable 8-hour playtime, which can be doubled through a rechargeable charging case compact enough to allow free mobility. The headphone also features a remarkable ergonomic surface design that allows it to fit into various ear shapes.


  • Water resistance
  • Fast charging
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Ergonomic surface design.
  • Handsfree


  • Excellent noise cancellation.
  • Resistant to sweats and splashes.
  • Fits any ear shape
  • Long-lasting playtime


  • Compatibility with PCs is flawed
  • Dull unboxing experience

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Sony WI-1000MX2

The Sony WI-1000MX2  is an industry-leading noise-canceling headphone. For athletes who want to shut off the world while training and stay in the immersive experience of the excellent audio quality of an in-ear headphone, this is an ideal choice. The headphone comes with an upgrade in style and comfort, making prolonged listening very convenient.

It offers 10-hour battery life that can be revived with just 10 minutes of quick charge, which in turn, can afford you 80 minutes of playback time. It uses hands-free calling that notifies a user of an incoming call or message with just mild vibration. Its smart listening feature borrows from its adaptive sound control that fine-tunes ambient sound to your activity


  • Lightweight
  • Alexa-enabled
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Uses ambient sound mode


  • Excellent Bluetooth performance
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Excellent audio clarity
  • Upgraded comfort


  • Not great for a phone call
  • Slow charging

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Sony WF-C500

With a headphone like  Sony WF-C500, which has a digital sound enhancement Engine (DSEE), the quality of high-frequency sounds that could be lost during compression is restored. The headphone offers a 10-hour battery life which is two times bumped up with the charging case. Of course, this is enough playtime to last a whole day for an extensive listening experience. Sony has a compatibility feature called the “Sony Headphones Connect App.” With this feature, you can fine-tune your sound to give you exactly what you want.

For sprinters who may prefer a rocky or upbeat audio playback, you can modify your music to sound that way, and when in a conversation, you can just put on one earbud at a time. The easy button option provides audio control without a user needing his phone for that. For athletes who carry out intense training, the Sony WF-C500  splash and sweat-resistant feature keep the headphones from soiling or from sweat sipping through.


  • Offers a 20-hour playback time.
  • Connectivity is wireless.
  • Pocket-sized case.
  • Works with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
  • Button control


  • Restores high-frequency sounds.
  • Compact enough to be carried around
  • Voice-calling features.
  • Impressive wireless range


  • Microphone seems to underperform
  • Not suitable for android devices

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Sony WI-C400

The Sony WI-C400  brings an exceptional quality sound to athletes who also double as diehard audiophiles. This wireless headphone comes in several colors that match your aesthetic preference. There are options of white, blue, red, and black. It features a behind-the-back design that allows you to wear it comfortably for extended listening time. It can sync very easily to your smartphone, allowing you to get notification vibrations, as well as receive incoming calls.

With 20-hour of battery life, you can have the headphone plugged in throughout your training session, enjoying your favorite music while you in a cozy, buzzy ambiance. This 20 hours playback time can simply be restored when the battery life goes down, by charging for only 4 hours. The headphone has a 9mm driver unit and makes use of neodymium magnets paired with its 8Hz – 22,000Hz frequency response, offering a listener an impeccable sound quality.

The cables of the WI-C400 are also designed to be tangle-free as they can conveniently be clipped into your neckband, using the adjuster and stopper. The buttons of the headphones are also very easy to get around. You can use them to play, stop and skip your audio tracks. Your smartphone voice assistant feature can also be activated using them. Hands-free calls have never been this convenient too.


  • Offers 20-hours playback time
  • Charge time is 4.5 hours
  • Wearing style is behind-the-back
  • Uses neodymium magnets


  • Not too durable

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Sony WI-C310

The Sony WI-C310 headphones are mixed-use in-ear headphones that are a great option for sprinters. This is because of their lightweight and neckband flexibility. Their portability is another thing that makes them an ideal sports headphone for athletes looking to switch to Sony.

They also have a great audio quality that bass lovers will benefit a great deal from. The headphone has an impressive 17-hour playback time and has good noise isolation from environmental noise. In addition to this, Sony carefully designed the bud to be small, making them unable to trap heat inside your ear. They also don’t drive too deeply into your ear canals, and since their bud size is small, they don’t apply much pressure to your ear.


  • Uses microphone control
  • Uses voice assistant
  • 17-hours battery life
  • Uses USB-C charging port


  • Excellent audio reproduction
  • Portable and flexible neckband
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Great design


  • Mushy control buttons

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