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Best Sony MDR Headphones

MDR- This stands for “Micro Dynamic Receiver,” and it refers to the small dynamic speaker driver within the headphones that creates sounds. The MDR-series Studio foldable headphones have been described as a “favorite among sound professionals” because they are “very flat sounding, affordable, tiny, and can withstand a lot of abuse.”

Sony MDR Best Headphones


Sony MDR Headphones Review

We know that you are aware that Sony has the best set of headphones in the industry. Since you want to explore the world of MDR headphones, let us check out the top 5 best Sony MDR headphones for 2022.

Sony MDR-Z1R

The Sony MDR-Z1R is one type of Sony MDR headset you should have. The MDR-Z1Rs make use of a huge and innovative dynamic driver. As a result, the stated frequency response is remarkable, reaching 120 kHz. 

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Sony hasn’t cut any corners when it comes to comfort in this set of headphones. However, keep in mind that these are large headphones, and while there is lots of adjustment, they may still feel a little loose on the tiniest of head.

At 385g, they’re not too heavy, and the broad, beautifully cushioned headband is a material commonly used in insight frames and utilized here for its low body weight and flexibility, making it comfortable to wear. The headband and well-cushioned earpads are both made of soft, high-quality leather that is pleasant to the touch.

Let’s talk about the sound. The fact that it has a closed-back design helps with bass quantity and strength, as well as reduces ambient noise. It implies you may listen to music while talking to another person in the room and not be disturbed. They’re also great at detecting little details. These Sony’s should be at the top of your list if you wish to hear even the tiniest detail in your audio.


  • Comfortable
  • Powerful bass
  • Superb build
  • Excellent audio balance


  • It requires a quality audio source to perform well.

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Sony MDR-Z7M2

The MDR-Z7M2 is another example of Sony’s premium MDR headphones, which are of exceptional quality. The headband yoke and slider system, from which the earcups hang, are now made entirely of metal, which should reassure people who have had worries about the plastic system used on prior Sony headphones shattering.

The headband has a large grain leather portion across the top, while the cushioning and earpads are made of protein/synthetic leather. It’s quite comfortable, and the interior is lined with memory foam, which helps the headphones to adjust to your head shape.

Interestingly, the Sony MDR-Z7M2 has a sound that will please both audiophiles and ordinary customers. That 70mm driver provides a low-end detail with a deep, black texture that seems big and heavy to our ears. The Sony has a somewhat recessed midrange with a lot of detail. This frequency range shines in vocal-heavy tunes. In comparison to the previous edition, the highs have significantly improved. The highs are more clear and precise than previously, resulting in an overall expressive listening experience with strong high- and low-end extension.

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  • Comfortable to use for an extended period
  • Amazing sound
  • Sleek design
  • Detailed sounds


  • Expensive

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Sony MDR-1AM2

The first thing that will surprise you when holding the MDR-1AM2 is how exceptionally light they are, especially so for a pair of high-end headphones. While other companies might load up their drivers with heavy components all in the name of higher quality audio, Sony proves that less can truly be more. While their lightweight frame makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear for extended periods, it also makes them a bit on the fragile side. 

The sound output from these Sony MDR headphones is somehow great. The highs were resoundingly clear and warm, but never fatiguing. The bass response was similar enough, but not too much. 

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  • Synthetic leather earpads
  • Non-fatiguing highs
  • Good bass response


  • Poor noise cancellation
  • Fragile build

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This Sony MDR headphone should never to be left out of any prospective market. You can use the Sony MDR-1AM2 to listen to music while also taking phone calls. The improved bass response is the most notable characteristic of these earphones. They are equipped with 12 mm roof magnetron drivers, which produce a strong, deep bass sound.

They come with a Y-shaped wire with a microphone and an in-line remote controller. The earphones will work with any phone or device. However, these are only suitable with Sony Smart Key’s Smart Key software on an Android mobile. You’ll have some control over your earphones if you use the app.

Comfort is vital, as it is with any earbud listening device. Sony offers hybrid silicone earphones that enable a secure and pleasant fit. If you have a decent fit, they do help to suppress some unpleasant external noise. Fitting buds are available in four sizes, ranging from exceptionally tiny to big ones.

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  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Comfortable to use for an extended period
  • Great sound quality
  • Clear mic
  • Extra bass


  • No sweat and waterproof

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Sony MDR-ZX310AP

The Sony MDR-ZX310 on-ear headphones are among the most affordable on-ear MDR headphones available from a well-known brand, and brands don’t get much larger than Sony. On-ear headphones, such as the Sony MDR-ZX310, are frequently the ideal option if you want portable headphones but don’t want in-ear ones that dig into your ear canal. They’re not as big as over-ear headphones, so they’ll get less notice.

While the ear cups are entirely made of plastic, they have a glittering (but understated) concentric circle pattern on the back, giving them a touch of Sony style. The Sony MDR-ZX310 has a plastic headband, whereas somewhat more expensive headphones feature a steel chassis for added robustness.

However, we don’t find them especially uncomfortable, owing to one element in particular: the MDR-ZX310’s weight. This is how they get away with not utilizing any headband cushioning at all (it’s just plain plastic) and can be used for exercising without being too tight. Although it isn’t a success of engineering, there is a fundamental application of science at work here.

Overall, the sound quality is superb, and it can be used for long periods without becoming uncomfortable. The ferrite magnets in the 30mm driver units are designed to faithfully replicate a broad, vibrant frequency range, producing smooth treble and mid-range transitions and sufficient bass response. Unfortunately, the bass isn’t adequately regulated, even though it isn’t massive. When dealing with voices, the Sony MDR-ZX310 may not generate a lot of low-frequency resonance, but give it a bass drum and it’ll take over. 

Check out our full Sony MDR-ZX310AP review here.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Decent looks


  • Mid bass

Purchase Sony MDR-ZX310AP

Sony MDR Headphones Review: Conclusion

In this article, we reviewed the best Sony MDR headphones models and provided helpful tips that include what to consider for those interested in potentially purchasing a pair of Sony MDR headphones.

Best Sony MDR Headphones: FAQ

What is MDR in Sony headphones?

MDR stands for “Micro Dynamic Reciever”, which basically refers to the small dynamic driver used to produce audio inside these particular models of headphones. Along with headphones, the “MDR” acronym is used in many Sony products with small speakers.

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